Should you tailor your suit?

The term “one size fits all” holds true for most people, especially when it comes to buying suits. In fact, buying a suit in your size range off the shelf often doesn’t even justify it. The only way to keep your suit looking its best is to tailor it. 

Four Reasons to choose a Toronto tailor and make alterations for suits

  1. Proper Tailored Clothing Changes Perceptions

Wearing a suit that does not fit properly can give the impression that you don’t care about your looks and lack style. The only way to prevent this and improve how others perceive you is to have a suit tailored. A tailor will take your exact body measurements and tailor your suit to fit you like a glove. Tailoring services ensure a perfect fit and draw attention to your best qualities  

  1. A Confidence boost 

Ill-fitting clothes not only look bad, but they also make you feel bad. You can remove shopper regret and gain confidence by simply tailoring a suit. Remember. Looking good makes you feel good and wearing a suit that fits you can make you feel like a whole new person. 

  1. Letting your personal style shine through 

Tailoring a suit is a great way to show off your personal style. Business suits that all look the same can get boring. If you’re someone who is very into fashion, being forced to wear a suit to work can really hinder your creativity. 

  1. Getting Your Money’s Worth 

A good suit is an investment that you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. That means a higher cost per wear. Tailoring your suit improves the overall fit, so your suit lasts longer, and you can wear it longer. 

Suits are typically constructed to fit the “average” body. The problem is that everyone’s body is different. Even if you consider yourself to be of “average” build, most suits have not been constructed exactly for your body. These are the parts of your suit that you’ll probably need to alter:

Sleeves: You always want the sleeve of your suit jacket to show about a quarter inch of the cuff of your shirt.

Body of the jacket: You want the jacket to have a V-cut taper.

The waist of the pants: Although you can wear a belt to hold up a pair of pants that is too big at the waist, a good fit is the difference between looking just OK and looking amazing.

Tapering the legs: This means a small taper from the knee down to the ankle. (As opposed to making the pants skin tight.)

Hem: Have the hem of the pants adjusted to the right length. The bottom of the hem should hit just across the top of your shoe.

When you buy a suit, figure Toronto tailoring into your budget. Fit is everything. You can spend a little bit more on a suit that fits you perfectly, or you can spend less on a suit that needs to be altered. Either way, make sure you get the suit tailored to your body. It will make all the difference in the world.


Tailor & Alterations Toronto Terminology

References for tailoring and alterations terminology for Toronto and surrounding regions of the GTA.



A correct inseam will ensure that the pants fit properly, droop perfectly, and look striking. The inseam is the length from the crotch to the ankle, connecting the inside leg of the pants. 


Regular vs Euro Hem Alterations

Many people know what a hem is but do not understand the difference between a Regular vs Euro Hem, we are here to educate you on this today! It is simple a regular hem you would basically just cut off the extra length from the inseam, making a fold, and sewing a basic hem. a Euro hem is when you cut off the original hem and sew it back on as discreetly as possible, so you can only see the original manufacturers’ stitching. 

Elderly Friendly Tailoring & Alterations

At TailoredUp We pride ourselves on being Elderly friendly allow me to elaborate:  


  1. We service the GTA area and come to any location, no matter the circumstances or obstacles. We make it easy for you so you can stay in the comfort of your home! 


  1. Our staff is well trained in being professional, caring, respectful and patient. We like giving our customers an experience that brings joy to them! 


  1. We accommodate all physical and mental disabilities 

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