1. Redo alteration fitted by a TailoredUp expert will be done right away at no additional charge.

2. Redo alteration not fitted by a TailoredUp expert will result in an additional charge.

3. Alteration that cannot be fixed will be purchased. (bought back)

a. New Garments:

i. TailoredUp will reimburse the value stated on the original receipt.

ii. All buy back garments will be kept by TailoredUp for donation.

b. Pre-worn Garments:

i. Will be bought back at 5x alteration charges.

ii. 5x alteration charges not to exceed the value of garment.

iii. Only valid for alteration pertaining to damaged garment.


1. Garments not cleaned to 100% satisfaction will be re-cleaned at no additional charge.

2. Garments damaged by dry cleaning will be refunded at 5x dry cleaning charge.


1. We proudly show the quality of our work and ask you to verify your satisfaction before leaving.

2. We require invoice/e-mail or sign off for proof of pickup.


1. All items must be returned within 30 days unused, unopened and with original receipt.


1. All refunds cash or credit up to $75 can be issued by our associates.

2. All credit refunds of $75-$150 can be issued by our managers.

3. All refunds over $150 will be paid by cheque within 7 business days.


1. All services are to be paid for prior to services being rendered.

**HEALTH & SAFETY REGULATIONS – Alterations will only be performed on clean/dry-cleaned garments.

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Mission Statement

We strive to provide high-quality tailoring and dry cleaning services that will instill confidence and make our industry more accessible to everyone.

Vision Statement

Mobile solutions that make high-quality dry cleaning and tailoring services more accessible to the public.
A well-dressed community that always knows what tailoring service to call

Culture Statement

Our team is composed of talented industry professionals that support the idea that we all deserve to feel confident in how we look. By bringing together years of experience and exceptional talent, we are able to foster a supportive environment that is welcoming to employees and customers alike.

Value Statement

At Tailored Up, we value a commitment to quality that is built on integrity, ethical solutions, and accessibility. We want to help you look great and feel confident without losing extra time in your day!

With over 35 years of experience as a tailor our founder has decided that he wants to expand and innovate new ideas to broaden his reach to the community to serve them better as they are like a family to him.

With two locations in the Scarborough area serving the community for over 15 years we realized our reach to our clients was restricted; limiting us from serving other members in the GTA. Which is why we decided to provide our services online to meet the demand of our clients, while being convenient to their busy schedules, anywhere in the GTA.

A lot of individuals feel as if online servicing loses the connection and trust between service providers and clients. However, we serve clients just as we would serve our family. That is the principle we thrive on and that is how we intend on moving forward. We are eager to welcome you as part of our BIG HAPPY FAMILY.

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